Presentation and poster info

Presenter info

The sessions will include 3 to 5 oral presentations. The time allowed for each presentation is 18 minutes including the question period. Please bring your slides on a USB key in PPT or PDF format. If you choose a PPT format, please have a PDF backup too.

Note to presenters:

  • You will place your slides on the computer desktop at the beginning of the session.
  • See daily programme for presentation times.

Poster info

Posters presentations will be displayed on large boards. Individual posters will be clustered into 60 minute poster sessions. Presenters are kindly asked to bring handouts on their poster to the session for interested visitors.

Poster Board Specifications

  • Horizontal or vertical orientation.
  • Maximum dimensions: 90cm x 120cm. Minimum dimensions: 85cm x 60cm.
  • Velcro compatible or push pin (we provide push pins).

Note to Poster Presenters:

  1. You will share a board with other presenters
  2. Presenters will be given time to put up and remove their poster(s).
  3. See daily programme for presentation times.