Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City is a lively European capital. Its multicultural and multilingual atmosphere cannot go unnoticed. Luxembourg is home to nearly 170 different nationalities that have chosen to live in or next to the capital city. A part of the City, Kirchberg, the Financial District of Luxembourg is one of the institutional seats of the European Union, hosting services such as the Secretariat of the European Parliament and the European Court of Justice. The capital of Luxembourg is a modern city with deep roots, where high-tech buildings run alongside historic monuments. The medieval houses in the outlying areas of the city harmoniously blend with the avant-garde architecture of the Kirchberg plateau, the European institution area. Its legendary fortresses and famous casemates constitute the city's main attraction. The Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Golden Lady statue and the Grand-Ducal palace are some of the iconic sights of Luxembourg City.


Art & Culture

With its numerous exhibitions and museums, intriguing architecture, castles and fortifications, Luxembourg combines an incredible variety of fascinating cultural places. The culture and art of Luxembourg are a true reflection of its population – diverse, international and multicultural. In order to make it easier for you to discover the art and culture in Luxembourg, Luxembourg for Tourism created the Luxembourg Card which grants you free access to more than 60 cultural places in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.



Luxembourg hosts an array of museums from art galleries and exhibitions to history museums, a bank museum and even a transportation museum. Visiting a museum in Luxembourg allows you to discover a rich and fascinating national heritage. Luxemburg cannot only be summarized by its famous art exhibitions of international artists, but also by the fascinating array of museums on offer where remarkable facts from the history of Luxembourg are unfolded. For the nature lovers, you will also find some very original museums of nature scattered over the country.

Discover the seven museums of the city of Luxemburg, along the Museumsmile track, which leads from the Museum of Art of the city of Luxembourg - Villa Vauban to the renowned place Museum of Modern Art – Mudam in Kirchberg. Please find below a list of some of the best museums in Luxembourg.


Fortifications & Castles

Luxembourg contains more than 50 castles and picturesque villages throughout the Country. Most of the castles have been restored to their former beauty and invite you to discover the rich historic past of the Country. From the 16th to the 19th century, the fortifications of Luxembourg stretched over 180 hectares, now only 10% are still visible today. This flagship of military architecture is now preserved and valued and is one of the most important fortified sites in Europe, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Discover and visit not only the large restored castles (Vianden, Beaufort, Bourscheid, Bourglinster or Clervaux) but also the numerous majestic castle ruins revealing the myths and sagas of the medieval time of Luxembourg. Walking fans can follow the national hiking trail of the "Valley of the 7 castles" that runs through the idyllic Valley of Eisch in the western part of the country. There, one discovers the seven magnificent castles in a peaceful environment with breathtaking landscapes and views. You can either drive the 24 kilometres route or follow the traces of the past on an exciting 37-km walk. and

Churches & Cemeteries

The churches, Cathedral of Luxembourg as well as the cemeteries are highly cultural attractions not to be missed in Luxembourg. Please find below some of Luxembourg’s most fascinating churches and cemeteries.


Luxembourg is the country where testimonies of the past meet the contemporary Luxembourg architecture of today. While discovering, look around and let the different eras of unique architecture and designs embracing contrasts created by famous architects pass you by as you walk through the City. The architecture of the Old City of Luxembourg is an outstanding example of this remarkably inspired mixture. The City Center surrounded by modern and historic buildings allows you to experience a real journey through time and civilizations.


Theater, Concert hall & Cinema

Luxembourg offers a wide variety of theatrical productions from national to international shows; the concerts and shows reflect the cultural diversity of the Country. Concert halls host an eclectic sampling of genres and artists that provide a great opportunity to discover cultural trends.

Luxembourg has a wide range of cutting edge movie cinemas and theatre complexes spread throughout the country. The majority of cinemas in Luxembourg broadcast international blockbuster movies in their original version, accompanied by French and Dutch subtitles.

Please find below the list of cinemas in Luxembourg



Forrests, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and sublime countrysides, Luxembourg’s natural landscapes are enchanting as well as fascinating. Nature in Luxembourg also means discovering unexpected picturesque villages, mysterious ruins or just breathtaking landscape behind every corner. Rock formations, meandering streams or colorful flora - nature in Luxembourg still possesses some spots untouched by humankind. Between family tours, hiking or romantic excursions, the Country has plenty of natural space waiting to be discovered the whole year round. Take advantage of Luxembourg City’s open spaces to escape into the middle of nature including the green areas of the lower town, the numerous parks in the City Center and the majestic forests bordering the capital.

Major Tourist Activities

Luxembourg boasts a variety of activities to do from tourist trains to buses, aquarium, and hot air ballooning to pedalo boats as well as several chairlifts. In Luxembourg City, a tourist bus, Hop on Hop off, runs every 20 to 30 minutes to designated stations where you can get off the bus to explore the stations further. For history fans, thematic tours such as the Vauban Tour or Wenzel Tour reveal the City’s vast cultural treasures. Please find below some of Luxembourg’s most favorable tourist activities for the whole family.


Luxembourg’s major cities are great for shopping: not too big but not too small either while containing everything you need, are easily accessible and provide a great and welcoming atmosphere. On top of this, each city has its unique charm and offers lovely discoveries along the way.

Take a stroll through the lively pedestrian zones, wander down the narrow historical streets or visit one of the many shopping centers. You will have the choice between delightful small shops, renowned brands, designer boutiques, luxury stores, retail outlets, supermarkets and much more. Some of the major shopping centers in Luxembourg include, among others: